The R&S Team

Silke Jahn


Silke is a both a romance book nerd and a programming geek, two things which uniquely qualify her for building Romance & Smut. When she is not occupied with the site or desperately trying to find her next great read, she creates mashable and deconstructable audio-visual music pieces as a member of Musicjelly. As such, she is one of very few people who finance their smut with their art - and not the other way 'round.

Kristen Donnelly

Review Maven

Kristen's favorite romances are ones with sassy heroines, heroes who use their words, and happily ever afters. If there's a big lump of a dog, all the better. After more than a decade embracing wanderlust and professionally collecting passport stamps, she currently lives and works in the American Northeast, spending her days as a researcher and her evenings as a bookworm. Her husband is still under the impression that there's such a thing as 'too many books', an error she is desperately trying to correct.

Danielle Hardgrave

Review Maven

Danielle is an avid writer and reader based out of Vancouver Island, Canada. When not at the desk of her day job, she can usually be found huddled under a pile of blankets reading or typing madly while experimenting with yoga-esque poses to get comfortable while she writes. Occasionally she does real yoga.

Victoria Cabot

Mistress of Lists

Victoria Cabot is delirious about having fun in every part of her life. Whether that means being outside in beautiful weather, or sitting at home reading a book, you'll never see her go more than ten minutes without smiling. She prefers to write safe, happily ever after pieces that are nevertheless steamy and exciting.