October Roundup

by Victoria Cabot

  • #1   Tempted - Willow Winters, Lauren Landish

    So this is probably up there with my all-time favorite books for the sole reason that while I love the way Willow writes, when she writes with Lauren Landish, it’s eminently believable and impossibly hard to put down. Liam was great - the perfect bad boy next door. Elizabeth, or Lizzie was totally relatable as a character where she needed to be. She starts bratty but redeems herself. I doubt many other people in Contemporary Romance could put a tale like this together. more

  • #2   Haunted Heart - Juliana Conners

    This is a novella brought together specifically for Halloween and so it was timely and I enjoyed getting in the spirit of the season with Larson and Brynn. What I enjoyed despite the fact that this was a novella was that we weren’t left hanging. We get a happy start to their journey and promise of a longer work to come. Oh, and the sex was hot! Hotter than my slutty fairy costume that I fashioned for myself this year, but that’s another story altogether… more

  • #3   Bossed Three Times - Madison Faye

    Wow. I’m surprised that my Kindle didn’t catch on fire because I certainly did. This book came out in October but I wish it would have come out in the winter - it would have kept me warm throughout those cold months! Arianna is perfectly written as a female protagonist that’s getting over her asshole ex-boyfriend. And who doesn’t cringe at the thought of talking and saying things on mute. Dial that up a notch, add in three amazingly hot guys, and you have a recipe to keep you warm through a cold winter night. Guaranteed to make you come…back to this author for more. more

  • #4   Bucked - Jess Bentley

    I had this on my Sports list in October and it makes the Top 5 Roundup as well. It’s hard to do a good sports romance the way that truly makes you want to go cowgirl, but Jess Bentley has a way with words that makes this book an extremely fast read. I don’t know what it says about me that I went out and used my author earnings to buy a cowboy hat afterwards, but I still smile when I think of Chastity and Wrecker. more

  • #5   Big Bad Wolf - Frankie Love, Isabella Starling

    I think this fit the Halloween theme really well. Isabella Starling and Frankie Love are gifted writers and they were able to blend in a story of two characters, Luke and Hayley, who were meant for each other into a contemporary psychological romantic thriller. This book will keep you awake reading if you read it at night. And it will make you want to re-read immediately after you finish once you get through the twists and turns in the story. Why would it do that? Because hindsight will show you that the clues to the puzzle were there in front of your eyes all along. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

    And that, dear readers, is my October Roundup. On a personal note, I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Holidays to come. The themed romances are going to make for quite a list - something for everyone, whether you want to be naughty, or nice. And we all know which direction my proclivities lie. Until then, I bid you adieu. more

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