September Roundup: 5 Steamy Scenes

by Victoria Cabot

  • #5   Shameless - Hayley Hunter

    On the hotness scale I would place this at a 9. I think this cover was my favorite, out of all the books this month. It’s elegant, with a hint of raw and unapologetic sensuality. I kept imagining this cover and the two people as I read about Turner and Catelyn. I completely loved the fact that Catelyn was willing to own her sexuality. She’s hot and she knows it and I love it. And her innocence only comes from her circumstances. I definitely liked that once she grew up, that innocence would go away. And it does! The stepbrother element adds a bit of the taboo as well which is deliciously naughty and makes me all tingly inside. Halfway through I found the best line of the book, “Sneaky, underhanded jerk, wearing clothes that looked positively sinful.” It’s a line that really made me sit up and take notice about a stepsister describing her gorgeous stepbrother and the open way in which she ogles him. These two were definitely sizzling, and I would highly recommend you read this with your door locked!

    The ad popped out at Catelyn, with her shiny new degree and utter lack of job prospects. Worse yet, she had to move in with her unbearably hot stepbrother who had suddenly become unbearably overprotective.
    Turner promised their recently married parents he'd help and keep her out of trouble. He wasn't expecting any problems from good girl Cat.
    However, when he discovers her dirty little secret, it becomes a struggle between his temptation to take matters into his own hands and her desire to know what it means to be shameless . more

  • #4   Give Me Away: A Wedding Romance - Samantha Westlake

    On a hotness scale I’m giving this a 2. While I wouldn’t read it out loud to the kids, I wouldn’t be worried to leave my Kindle out in the living room while it was downloaded on it. The cover says it all. There is sex, don’t get me wrong. And it’s obviously good sex - Samantha knows how to write the sex that isn’t like watching porn. In case that’s hard to understand, uhm, let me clarify. The sex that’s there is less about “plunging cocks pounding your pussy” and more about “warm manhood filling you to the brim”. Oh my God, I’m blushing as I type! But I also blushed as I read. Because when you read about Jake and Cassie, you feel like you’re right there watching them. And while you know there’s going to be a HEA, just watching Jake want Cassie as she’s parading around being engaged gives you the proper amount of angst at the beginning before the story gets going. Whole package perspective, this was a great read!

    My life finally feels back on track. With my traumatic past behind me, I’m ready to start my future with Stan Hardwick, my respectable and upright fiancé. I should be elated. But even when I’m with Stan, I feel an empty ache in my heart. Something is missing.
    As the wedding gets closer, I realize that it’s Jake’s face that I see in my fantasies – not Stan. more

  • #3   The Rebound - Reese Patton

    On a hotness scale I’d place this close to a 4. There are some very intense scenes in there that really did it for me. But this book has so much more to offer than sex. I mean, if you like the term, “douche-canoe” to describe a guy who basically kicked you out of your house, drained your bank account, and then went off with another woman who was the surrogate mother to your egg, then book is for you. It starts like a soap opera with lots of drama, proceeds on like a romantic comedy that makes you smile, and then gets pretty intense towards the middle that gets you hot, and then is sweet at the end. Plus, it is amazingly realistic. It was so good, that when I read it, I made my Love After Love list. But it wasn’t on Goodreads then so I couldn’t include it. However, the funny part about this book is that I loved Natalie so much - and she was just a supporting character. I definitely want Reese to make this into a series and have Natalie as the FMC next time around.

    The first time billionaire mogul Parker Barnes wraps his arms around Alyson, she fits so perfectly against him--he thinks she belongs there and nowhere else. The second time he feels her delectable touch, he knows she’s the only one he wants. Parker just needs to convince her that he’s the one she wants even if his controlling and demanding nature is enough to drive any other woman away. Parker pulls the strings and pulls her closer to him, but can he keep her there once she’s near? more

  • #2   Out of Bounds - Juliana Conners

    On a hotness scale I’d put this at a 7. Wesley is hot. I loved how he carried himself and he was my favorite part about the book. This book straddles the line between sinful and sweet and it follows the formulas as much as you expect more the most part. Which means its a fun, entertaining read with just the right amount of steam. The scenes sizzle right when they need to. It’s not wall to wall overt sexuality, but that’s okay, because the parts that are there are done so wonderfully. Perfect for when you know exactly what you're going to get.

    I've f*cked up more than once, but I'm Wesley Reynolds-- the star quarterback everyone loves. Women fall at my feet and the rules don't apply to me. I can do whatever the f*ck I want. Or at least that's the way it used to be. When I moved to Calton and started playing football for the Wildcats under Coach Thompson, everyone--including the coach himself-- told me his daughter Chelsea was off limits. And due to my troubled past, I have to stay in the coach's good graces for the one season I'm on his team, or risk losing my football career for good. Chelsea's shaking those hips every day, taunting me. They say she's innocent and inexperienced, but she bats those gorgeous blue eyes at me like she wants me to rock her world. Her perfect curves look sinfully delicious under that short cheerleading skirt and they tempt me to risk it all. more

  • #1   Two Rivals - Elle Everton

    On a hotness scale, I’m going to place this at an 8. It is hot. There is no way around saying it’s hot. And I’ll tell you that even when they were talking about the steam, that was getting my Kindle all foggy. As in, just the way Elle Everton uses language - and not even filthy language either - but how she frames words makes things seem so incredibly steamy. It helped that her character was not your regular pure virgin FMC, but had a past like any woman where she’s had some experience with naughty acts. I mean, we all have, right? It’s not just the boys that get to play nowadays. There was a romance underneath all this, that’s for sure - but let me tell you that as I read her book, I wasn't looking for it. I was looking for the hookup. The dirt. The lascivious acts that seem so forbidden that it sends shivers up your spine. I found them alright. And I got my happily ever after and that was a bonus.

    Jake Steel and Dylan Frost have been bitter rivals their whole lives, and now, as CEOs of competing companies, they war over clients, real estate and women. It’s safe to say they hate each other with a burning passion. But sometimes a smoldering flame just needs a spark. more