August Roundup: Books That Seriously Fogged Up My Kindle

by Victoria Cabot

  • #5   Mistake - Lauren Landish

    OMG. Julian Castlebon. Krystal Aksoy. Just the name Castlebon seems to do it for me. And the best part about when they finally hooked up? There weren’t any secrets or lies. They honestly and genuinely loved each other. Like, they already knew. They weren’t feeling each other out. They were DTF but also down to love. That somehow made it a whole different dimension of hot. And when Krystal took charge, and started using the skills she learned as a chef (being able to put anything in her mouth) it was so hot. But it was when she got on top of him and did the…uhmm…well, you know, with gusto, that I completely lost it. As in, boom. Fireworks. Explosions. Nirvana. It took me ten minutes to be able to be able to read after that. I swear. Best. Scene. Ever. (For August!) more

  • #4   Onyx Dragon - Terry Bolryder

    Ok, who doesn’t want to do the nasty with a dragon? I mean, a dragon! But seriously, this dragon shifts into something really hot looking. Like, when they were describing the dragon, I was salivating. Literally. On my Kindle. I had to get a new one afterwards. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was hot. I read it in the evening and I couldn’t sleep! It’s weird though, because the book isn’t like wall-to-wall sex, but the steaminess just pervades. So it’s always in a slow simmer until it flicks you just right. And then you explode. Hard. more

  • #3   Heartless - Winter Renshaw

    Okay, Aidy and Ace are hot. There are no words to get around that. And I don’t usually lust after the FMC (I’m usually drooling over the guy), but the scene where Aidy makes Ace go skinny dipping in the lake and nonchalantly gets naked was just too good. I first read it when I went to visit my parents over the weekend. My mouth was hanging open and I read it again. Then I ran upstairs so they wouldn’t ask me why I was blushing. When Ace gets naked, I swear I took pictures of the Kindle with my phone. It just felt so yummy because they get into such a sweet relationship too. I seriously felt like I was snuggled in a soft blanket! And the scenes…let’s just say it was a looooong shower that night. more

  • #2   Stepbrother With Benefits - Mia Clark

    I’m going to be real blunt here and say that I think the whole stepbrother thing is hot if you’re just discovering that person and they’re the same age when the families join up. I mean, who wouldn’t want a hot, cut, ripped, gorgeous guy walking around the house without his shirt on that you could do stuff with? Sign me up. So when Ethan Colton is taking his stepsister into orbit on the FIRST PAGE with Ashley’s mom and Ethan’s dad right downstairs, that’s just deliciously hot. He totally finishes her for all other men. I can tell from the first page and I stuck with the whole 18 part series just for that. OMG. more

  • #1   Prince With Benefits - Nicole Snow

    OMG. What about it was not to like? I mean, from the car ride with the bullet vibrator, which was a stroke of genius that I’ve used in my own works, to the scene in the throne room with the guards standing outside, to the final scene in the cabins, where she squirted!! I was ready myself and once the boyfriend walked in the door, I was unstoppable. Only afterwards did he find out my enthusiasm came because of Silas Berrington. But guess what I found in the mail a few days later? A paperback copy of the novel that the boyfriend bought for me. Apparently someone was giving me a message... more