Advertising on Romance & Smut

Why advertise on Romance & Smut?

Romance & Smut is a website and community for romance book lovers.

Romance & Smut has a set of truly unique features such as a novel search engine that allows readers to find romance books by topics and themes. In addition, we also feature book reviews, current bargains, inform about new releases, romance book related news and author interviews

In short, our users come to our site in order to find their next romance read. If you’re ready to tap into that market, then advertising with Romance & Smut is an opportunity you truly can’t miss.

User stats December 2016

Pageviews: 356,000
Sessions: 95,000
Unique Visitors: 65,000
Avg Session Duration: 4:07 minutes

The boxes in the sidebar on the right illustrate the ad placements and sizes as well as the monthly cost of each ad at the particular position. Those ads will be featured on 98% of all pages. For an understanding of the ad placements on different devices please resize your browser window.

All ad spots have an ad frequency of 1 in 3, which means that each slot is shared between three ads. Each ad appears in that slot in even ratio of the page impressions resulting in each ad appearing approximately 33.3% of the time. Booking of several ad spots per slot to increase the frequency is subject to availability.

In order to book ad placements, please get in touch with us now.

Submission standards

We accept both animated and non-animated images, but no flash ads. All non-animated ads should be submitted as JPGs or PNGs, and regardless of dimensions must not be bigger than 80KB. Animated ads should be submitted as GIFs, and should neither exceed 150KB nor should include more than 3 frames.

Please let us know should you need help with the design. We are happy to design your ad for a $100 fee.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse ads for any reason.

Free promo options

If you have free online stories floating around, either from your newsletters, websites, wattpad or similar, get in touch with us for some special free promotion.

We also regularly do giveaways of ad slots on our facebook page. So why not follow us for an opportunity of free advertising!

Ad slot 1
(Size 160px x 240px)

$50.00 per month

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(Size 160px x 240px)

$50.00 per month