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  • jjharvey gave
    to Are We Good...? by Heather Mar-Gerrison 'Liked this one better than the first! Ben was a bit of a pain with all of his coming out issues - but Ross was perfect. Great story. Loved it...'
  • gave
    to The Cheating Wives Club: Women are dying to join by D.J. Jouett 'Excellent. Exciting, this book is a fast read. The action never stops. DJ Jouett is exceptional at character development and easy interaction between his characters...'
  • jjharvey gave
    to Kiss The Boy... by Heather Mar-Gerrison 'This was a really fun start to a series. I'm really excited to see how the series progresses. Okay, so the story was a bit thin - but it was fun and I liked the characters...'
  • jen10 gave
    to Safe In His Arms by Melanie D. Snitker 'Good story, the right amount of suspense and likeable characters...'
  • elenab gave
    to Masterful 2 by Jesse Joren 'I read this second part hoping for more plot twists, character development, more thrills and definitely more sex scenes, but the most exciting it got was a trek in the wilds and a snake bite, with...'
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