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  • jackie gave
    to No Escape by Miranda Birch 'Very kinky! You have to read the first too which is soft option and worse than prison for it to make sense, though...'
  • shereads_48 gave
    to Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal 'I read this book as it was was being developed on a website. This author truly has a gift that has only developed over the years...'
  • shereads_48 gave
    to Saving Anya by Latrivia S. Nelson 'This series had me addicted. The Medlov family is led by Dmitry. He's no joke and ultra alpha, and awesomely hot. Ms. Nelson writes an addictive series that has been a pleasure to read...'
  • shereads_48 gave
    to Love Script by Tiffany Ashley 'Really great book. I don't think the author has written anything since, which is really a shame. This story is laugh out loud funny in parts. It's on my keeper shelf...'
  • shereads_48 gave
    to Wheels of Steel: Special Edition Book 1, 2, and 3 by Pepper Pace 'This series is a true de force-it turns every convention of a romance story n its head and raises the stake. I adore this writer and this series is amazing...'
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